Larger businesses and corporations have entire accounting teams to handle all their accounting functions BUT the small business owner doesn’t have that luxury. Usually the owner (or spouse) is relegated to doing all the financial chores, many time working after hours to “get it all done”.  That’s where we come in.  We provide bookkeeping solutions for the business owner. 

Are you ready for Clear Skies?

Dear small business owner…


Checkbook Balance

Is it difficult for you to balance your checkbook every month due to accuracy issues?

Time or Expertise

Do you find yourself burdened with your business bookkeeping tasks because you just don’t have the time or expertise to get it all done – causing late financial reporting?

Efficient Plan

Do you have an efficient plan for keeping track of receipts and other support paperwork?


Increase the Bottom Line

Would you like to partner with someone that will track your cash flow and help to increase your bottom line?


Do you feel you can’t afford full-time, in-house financial help?

Bookkeeping that works FOR YOU

How does Clear Skies Bookkeeping work for you?

  • Our pre-agreed upon monthly fee allows you to budget accurately, yet no monthly contract is required.
  • Our services are cost effective. You will save on overhead, staff payroll/benefits and related office expenses.
  • As both an Advanced certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Online and a Digital Certified Bookkeeper, you know that you will have anytime access to the very latest technology in web-based, workflow accounting software.
  • Your funds are safe and risk free, as there is no direct access to your financial accounts.
  • Our excellent customer service has a quick response time to any questions or needs that you might have.
  • All digital documents and receipts are stored securely. Additionally, disaster preparedness plans are in place.
  • Financial strength is accomplished by meeting regularly to discuss your financial activity, budgeting and benchmarking.
  • We are dedicated to your financial success. We take only a limited number of clients in order to focus on your business interests.
  • An agreed upon, legal Engagement Letter is provided before commencement, for your clear understanding of the details of the terms and objectives of our services.

Bookkeeping is far more than data entry. It is the basis for making wise decisions and business choices throughout the year.

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