What is a great bookkeeper?

A number of years ago I was involved in bookkeeping duties for a small, side business my son and a friend were operating.  I was able to pluck numbers into QuickBooks and produce enough information for their tax reporting, but really felt lacking in trying to help them grow their business.  In the end I begged them to find someone who could help their business succeed.

Since that time, I have searched for answers as to how to help someone have a profitable business.  My answer – you need a great bookkeeper.

So what is a great bookkeeper?  How do I know if someone is a great bookkeeper?

  • A thorough knowledge of applicable bookkeeping/accounting tasks
  • Experienced with accounting software and available apps
  • Reconciles bank accounts and credit cards in a timely manner
  • Produces and analyzes monthly reports
  • Willing to explain the numbers from these reports
  • Work with you to develop cash flow, budgeting and benchmarking plans
  • Available to communicate as often as needed
  • Understands your goals and dreams, working with you to create a winning strategy
  • Resourceful – researches questions and/or creates recommendations for your specific needs
  • Your trusted partner for financial success