Bookkeeping for Churches


Do you feel confident in your church’s testimony as to the proper handling of your church funds?


Are your financial records accurate and timely?


Do you need help establishing sound policies and procedures regarding internal controls?


Do you think you just can’t afford a full-time, in-house accountant?


Are your restricted funds tracked and accounted for according to the IRS charitable giving guidelines?

Stewardship =

the activity or job of protecting or being responsible for something.
Did you know that 60 percent of all churches have an attendance of less than 100 people? 

This creates an interesting situation for maintaining responsible stewardship in most small churches.  Very few can afford a full time, qualified, employee to keep up with of all the financial activities occurring within the church.  Clear Skies is a family based bookkeeping service that desires to partner with churches to help them accomplish good, Biblical stewardship.

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"Seven Bookkeeping Mistakes Churches Make and How to Fix Them"

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Clear Skies give peace of mind

Clear Skies has been an excellent bookkeeping service for our church’s financial accounting needs. We have been extremely pleased with the accuracy, reliability, and professionalism of Clear Skies. We have been given much peace of mind knowing our accounting is being handled with such great care. I highly recommend them!


Stephen Holshouser

Treasurer, Sherwood Baptist Church

Bookkeeping that works FOR YOU

How does Clear Skies Bookkeeping work for you?

Beside the advantages listed here, we realize that churches have additional accounting requirements.
  • Your financial activities will be handled with the upmost privacy and security
  • All your transaction will be properly recorded, with provided documentation
  • Your restricted funds will be accurately classified and expenses tracked
  • Annual acknowledgement/receipt letters will be sent to all your donors
  • Timely reconciliation of all your bank, debit/credit, savings and investment accounts, and
  • Monthly reports will be provided for your organization, enabling you to make sound financial decisions.
  • Accurate reports will help give you an effective budget, establish priorities and create a spending plan
  • Discussing proper procedures and internal controls will give you peace of mind

Let Clear Skies be your trusted partner to worry-free, clear skies. We work FOR YOU !
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