Frequently Asked Questions

Three important things to know about us:

  • We are virtual – no in-house visits
  • We specialize in QuickBooks Online
  • We don’t do income taxes
What is the difference between a CPA and bookkeeper?

A CPA is a financial professional who holds a degree and is licensed by their state. Their primary focus is preparing tax returns. They are able to perform detailed audits and can legally represent their clients before the IRS.

A bookkeeper is a financial professional whose primary focus is to maintain daily financial records and to ensure that the transactions are recorded accurately. They can generate financial reports which are invaluable in making business decisions. Experienced bookkeepers can help the business owner understand the financial health of the business and track progress of goals.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide analysis and advice based on accurate financial reports to guide you on your road to success.

Some liken the two to a doctor/nurse relationship. Together Clear Skies and your CPA can be a great team.

How much does it cost to work with Clear Skies?

Services are based on each client’s specific needs. Contact us for a free discovery call and we will explain our process to determine pricing.

When is a good time to start?

Ideally a new business should enlist a bookkeeper to get started “on the right foot”, having processes in order and an understanding of basic accounting principles. Often that is not possible. Second choice would be once the company is making $10K – $20K a month in revenue – depending on its complexity; it is time to get serious about hiring a bookkeeper.

Can’t I do this myself?

Of course, you can do your own bookkeeping. I could change my own oil and cut my own hair, but that doesn’t mean that I think it is the best use of my time and abilities and it’s not even the best use of my money.

Our motto is: Do what you do best in your business – what you like and are good at … and outsource the rest. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Are my financial accounts safe?

Yes, your accounts are secure. We do NOT have direct access to your financial institutions. We may ask for read only access to your accounts for retrieving statements and other information or you can choose to provide them instead.

Can I stop services at any time?

Monthly services will continue until either party terminates the agreement. There are no termination fees, penalties, etc.

What are your qualifications?
  • 30+ years accounting experience
  • QuickBooks Online Advanced certification
  • Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB)
  • Lifetime member of Digital Bookkeepers Association
  • Small business owner
  • Advanced bookkeeper tech stack
  • Have a disaster preparedness plan in place
Why should I choose Clear Skies?

A bookkeeper records the past; an advisor helps plan the future. We do both !!! While “anyone” can input transactions and print out QBO reports, our extensive experience provides analysis and advice based on accurate financial reports guiding you to financial success.

When are payments due?

Fees are billed the first day of each month at an agreed upon amount and are payable upon receipt.


Clear Skies is very aware of the possibility of cyber-crimes in today’s world and takes efforts to protect against exposure. Our cyber insurance policy requires training for Clear Skies, making us alert to various threat potentials.

What is included in your basic services?
  • Recording & classifying transactions
  • Attaching & matching receipts
Adjusting entries
  • Cleaning up discrepancies
  • Allocations
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Reconcile bank accounts and credit cards
  • Assets, liabilities, payable accounts
  • Loans
  • Generation of financial reports
  • Monthly meetings via Zoom to discuss financial reports
  • Proactive advice based on financial reports
  • Educating the client on processes to better their business
  • Supportive services for questions and situations
  • Discussion regarding financial health
What apps are included?

Apps included/provided for all clients: a private DropBox file, Keeper App/portal, Rewind backup, plus additional manual backups.

Will I lose touch with my finances?

Absolutely not. You should NEVER lose touch with the financial part of your business no matter who is your bookkeeper. Ultimately, you are the responsible party for all transactions, indebtedness, taxes, paperwork and business decisions, etc. But you are not alone – we walk beside you along your entrepreneurial journey.

What results can I expect?

Clear Skies will provide bookkeeping SOLUTIONS for your business.

Your books will be kept accurately, in real time and meet with you monthly to discuss your business financial health. We are always available – brief calls, texts and emails will be returned within 24 hours, during normal business hours. If you have more in-depth matters, we encourage making an appointment.


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